Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How to Fix Those ANNOYING ERRORS on the DSI

I will SHOW YOU how to fix the Error on the DSi

I bought a AS-IS DSI off ebay... it was giving me this error

"An error has occurred. Press and hold the Power
 Button to turn the system off. Please see the
Nintendo DSi Operations Manual for help troubleshooting."

this error is does not have a error code like most of the errors on
the DSi... so i tried to figure out what went wrong...
after taking it apart and reseating most of the ribbon cables
i put it back together and i turned it on and the message was gone!!!

the BEST way to fix this error (if you've owned this DSi when it was working)
is to undo any updates or changes you've made when its was working!!

SO hope this helps and also be careful with the ribbon cables they are easy to ruin...
                 Thanks for reading this post
                        Leave a comment if you have any questions
                                    or have something else that needs fixing:):)

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  1. Im trying to figure out how to post a question on this website still active? My grandsons each got a Nintendo DS for Christmas several years ago. They have been stored away for quite some time and I just came across them. I turned them on and all works well, then I put a game in the slot and remembered why we stored them away...neither would/will read games when they are placed in the slot. It just says the same thing it says when there is no game "There is nothing inserted in the game card slot." Ive blown air into the slot in case something was causing a glitch but no change. Do you have any ideas? If its something I could fix perhaps you could post photos like you did for the other person who needed help? If not, just some suggestions would be greatly appreciated : ) Thanks in advance....