Saturday, April 14, 2012


giving away some COOL Stuff like

ds lite screen protector                     25                           
ds lite stylus                                     15
tri-wing screwdriver                         65

the way this works is you post links to my site here at
and the better placement and the more people i think it will bring the more points i will give
(0-5) so make the links quality example like is something like this

GIVEAWAY at and also TUTs on  fixing video game consoles!!
Great TUTs on fixing stuff and also giveaway going on right now so HURRY ON over to  !!!

you can post on facebook, twitter, or anywhere else that
 will bring people...(remember the better the link the more points)

You get the point and also shipping will be 40 points per
order for now and US only.... but if you still want to join
and live in another country send me a message and tell me
where your from and ill see how much it costs to ship to you...


and if you want more on the list comment on what you want on it and ill see what i can do...

the more people that come the better items i can give!!
EDIT... you can now gain fast points by anwsering the
 blog survey and following me with email or hit the
google plus 1 for 5 points each. commenting on my
 posts will give you 1 point per comment per post...

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