Friday, April 13, 2012

Get Rid of the DS lite No Power Problem Once and For All

Ds lite not powering on? WHAT?!? spend that much money on a thing as small as that and it breaks down... should i buy a new one? NO! first of all they break down for a reason...

~ if your ds lite doesnt show a Green Light at all there are a few problems that could be causing it

1~ it could be a fuse F1 or more likely F2 is BLOWN.... if the fuse F2 is blown it will only blink yellow for a few seconds then off...
 which can be fixed by replacing the fuse (which requires being good with a soldering) or my more favorable method bridging it!! which you can do with a conductive pen or a soldering iron.
This is a pic of F2 fuse... its right beside the battery contacts... and to fix with a conductive pen you just shake the pen like a paint marker and draw a tiny bit across the fuse(this fuse is tiny and wont need much)(but with this method the conductive pen costs $20) or if you have a soldering iron you can just put a small bit across the top with the same affect. but for people like myself who are not in a long shot a master of the soldering iron... (the pen is safer for my fingers)  

Next is the L2... which is found under the power switch...if your ds does not turn on but charges normally it might be this one... sometimes the L2 falls off completely makes a  a rattling sound in the ds... so if your ds rattles be Super Careful when opening it up... if you can find it just solder it back into place(this 1 is quite a bit bigger but is still kinda small so i recommend using a tweezers so you dont burn your fingers)(and also if you can't find your L2 in your ds and the chip is gone i've heard that if you bridge it... it might work for a short while but i would not recommend it because i have not tried it) 

another few smaller problems are bad battery(if your battery leaks anything throw it away ASAP) or charger... so it is nice to have another working one to test some of the small things...

and 1 of the largest problems for me was to find the TRI-WING screw driver!! 
i then ordered it off ebay but had to wait to fix them! so if you need 1 now message me ill give you 1 for very little... 

and if your power button has popped off it might be time to swap motherboards.... (which can be found for really cheap if you watch ebay like me) found 1 for $10 just lately QUITE A STEAL!!! so just watch!

Please message me with any questions or leave a comment and tell me how it worked for YOU!!

i want to help you fix your ds lite and all your other needs but i cannot be to blame for ruining something so this post if for informational purposes only

I Thank you for your time and welcome you back anytime

                                               Justin Miller

edit: now you can get a tri wing screw driver for free... view my post from april 14

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